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Earthchic, LLC was created in 2003 by Sallye Irvine and Claire Leaman from a combined passion for educating and incorporating recycling into the lives of individuals. Based upon the conviction that individuals can make a difference, and the belief that recycling can be an enjoyable and even stylish way of life, Earthchic seeks to provide education and products to support individuals in making environmentally constructive choices.

Saving the Earth doesn't mean being 'frumpy' nor is it a wasted effort. Saving the Earth is a paramount concern for all of us since it means the state of the environment in which we all, and our children, live in day to day. The actions of everyone absolutely do make a difference, and making environmentally positive choices can be fun and stylish.

Sallye Irvine and Claire Leaman grew up together in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Eco-Friendly Tote Bags from Earthchic

Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles!!!
Earthchic Tote Bags are made from a fabulous fabric called ecospun which is 100% recycled plastic bottles

Earthchic is located in Mobile, Alabama, USA
Click here to view Tote bags from Earthchic available at Eco-Handbags.ca

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