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Eco Art Productions

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A celebration of American Artists and the Environment.
Eco Art takes art off the walls and translate it into everyday items we use and wear. Eco Art represents American Artists from a diversity of back­grounds, whose original art work we silkscreen onto eco-friendly, certified organic canvas with water based dyes. Their current Artists include Jasika Nicole, Kiara Sausedo, Joanna Gregores and Raul del Rio.
Eco Art is a statement about our environment. Their mission is to develop original American art work into quality everyday objects that we all use and wear.
Eco Art Productions is owned and operated by Rebecca Singer.
Rebecca was lucky to have grown up in a family retail business in New York City, which carried handmade ceramics, glass, wood, sculpture, jewellery and leather goods items from all over the world, including items made by her father, a craftsman and also an oil painter. It began her lifetime passion for the arts and gave her an eye for collecting beautiful objects. Her and her brother spent their childhood shopping with their parents in the market while they scrutinized every item until they picked out the best for their store, thereby honing her own skills over the years. They also displayed in the Greenwich Village Art Show in the 1950's and 1960's.
Rebecca went on to work in the fashion industry at major retailers such as Joseph Magnin, Abraham & Strauss, Bonwit Teller, Lord & Taylor, and Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as Donna Karan, before she started her own Fashion Executive Search Company. But her passion for the product never stopped.
Rebecca states, "We are a socially responsible company. In addition to donating a percentage of our sales to the planet, we have set a long term goal of establishing a foundation to work on supporting a national drive for arts education in our public schools. We are sharing the Artist's craft and expanding their influence. We are beautifying America, and hopefully your day."
Eco Art is a member of Green America and has earned their Green Seal of Approval and won the New York Enterprise Report 2011 Small Business Award for Best Green Practices.

They donate 1% of our sales to Arts To Grow, a non-profit organization that collaborates with NYC metro area schools and community organizations to provide broad based art programs to underserved urban youth.
Raul del Rio

Raul del Rio describes his painting style as "Modern Primitive". His work allows him to combine two main interests: Nature and Heritage. Raul grew up in the border towns of Matamoros, Mexico and Brownsville, Texas. He Studied at the Acadamia de San Carlos in Mexico City, after exploring the field of Architecture at Texas A&M University. Raul studied art, photography and graphic design at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.
"His love for vibrant color and passionate design make his work so exuberant and distinctive." Raul's work has been commissioned by, and is affiliated with many Environmental Organizations: Greenpeace, Earth Island, Conservation Int'l, Environmental Defense Club, Humane Farming Association, Animal Voice Magazine and National Wildlife Federation.
The San Francisco Zoological Society, Marine World Africa USA., The San Antonio Zoo, Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville Texas and Cribari Wines in California have commissioned his work for poster use. His art has been published in national and international magazines, books and reproduced in the Gift/Stationery Industry: Greeting Cards, Posters, Calendars and other formats. He has received several national and regional awards for illustration.
Raul has worked in various Art Departments in the publishing business as Designer and Art Director in addition to working as an illustrator. Currently, he resides in Novato CA, dividing his time between work, freelance projects and painting. You can also find him at www.delrioproductions.com .
Jennifer Garant

Jennifer Garant, one of the most highly licensed artists in the world, is launching with Eco Art Productions' handbags. Her Signature Chefs have been distributed world-wide on a variety of licensed products for the home. Her art has been distributed on posters in over 50 countries as well as on thousands of products for the home. Each year her collector base grows as well as the companies that license her art for their products.
Her figurative paintings capture the essence of whimsical charm and humor.
There is a huge demand for Jennifer's original art work and her collections are owned by Hollywood celebrities, sports heroes, business icons and world renowned chefs. "I guess the best thing for me to hear when someone looks at my work is that it makes them smile, whether the characters are thin or larger than life, they exude humor, charisma, and charm", Jennifer muses.
At the age of 27, Jennifer was commissioned by the Vancouver General Hospital to paint what would become the largest mural in North America at the time. Jennifer has done numerous sold-out shows and currently resides in La Quinta, California.
In January 2006, Jennifer's painting "Faux Paw" was featured on the cover of Art Business Today. In the March 2006 Decor Magazine, in an article entitled "A League of Their Own", Jennifer was named top five women making a difference in the art and framing industry.
Jennifer works on heavy weight French paper as well as canvas, where she employs a special old world texturizing technique which gives a contemporary image a look and feel as though it was painted a long time ago. You can recognize her attention to detail and in many of her artworks, her flair and love for scarves, shoes and fabric. "My artwork comes from the spirit of good food, good wine, good music, good laughter and dancing and a good life . I love what I do and I hope that it shows." www.jennifergarant.com

Jasika Nicole

Despite having recognized a talent for visual arts at a young age, Nicole studied theatre, voice, and dance at a small private college in North Carolina before moving to NYC to pursue her career in acting. It was on the sets of theatre and film projects that Nicole picked up her former pastime and began to draw more often. Upon a friend's ­suggestion, Nicole created a website to display her artwork online and, due in part to the success of her first film Take the Lead (which prompted lots of googling of her name), she acquired a supportive and enthusiastic fan base. She sells original and laser prints of the images in her online gallery, and in between performances and film and TV productions, she does freelance illustration work for children's book authors, clothing designers, musicians and businesses. She has written and drawn an online autobiographical mini-comic entitled High Yella Magic.
Nicole continues working on the hit TV series, Fringe, which first aired on the Fox channel in Fall 2008. You can also find more of her work at www.jasikanicole.com. ***************************************************************************

Joanna Gregores

Joanna Gregores shares her love of life, color, people and places by bringing the interpretation of her paintings to items we use on a daily basis, including our handbags. She believes art should not just be hung on a wall but is part of daily life reflected in the smallest of details. This deep appreciation comes to her naturally.
At the Academy of Art in San Francisco and The Arts Students League in New York in the 1970's and 1980's, Joanna gained the skills allowing her to interpret her vision. That vision was expanded with the 10 years she lived in Vietnam before moving to Paris.
Joanna brings you a sensibility drawn from the vibrancy of the USA arts scene, visions of the world as seen from the eyes of an emerging country, and an appreciation of the old world.
Not only has Joanna been able to bring us this colorful view of life interpreted in her art, she has also raised her daughter in both Vietnam and Paris.
Southeast Asia's tradition of handicrafts in combination with unique materials has acted as an inspiration to the new line of home accessories created by the artist Joanna Gregores.
Joanna uses mulberry paper and lacquer to create interpretations of her painting in new mediums of artistic expression. From the centuries of fabric weaving and printing in Lyon, France, she creates exciting prints used in pillows, duvets, placemats and other useful items.
The products created by Joanna reflect a true social responsibility that is continually evolving.
Her products hopefully will bring you the same enjoyment she has had in creating them for you. www.joannagregores.com.
Eco Art Productions is situated in New York City, New York, USA.
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