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Francis Oliveira

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"Art for me today is an instrument of transformation."

"Everything began in Araras, in the interior of Ceará, when I was just ten years old. Raised by my grandparents, who were farmers, I didn't receive any incentive in the arts. But the my creativity was already stimulated because playing where we lived, with few resources, was a constant and continuous creative exercise. I helped on the plantation and with the harvest; I loved it. It was lovely to see the plants grow and pick the fruits that I had planted. I remember that my uncles had a small brickworks where I created pots and animals, among other things I could use in my games, everything made of clay. When I was 12, I learned all the crafts there were. I also loved to attend any cultural manifestation, like puppet shows, circuses and such.

"I don't have any formal formation; I am self taught, living new experiences together with my friends. Besides this, I always tried to be linked with some artistic movement, because those experiences were so outstanding that they are present in the artist that I am today.

"Today, art for me has a social nature. There is no doubt that it gives me my sustenance and income, but this is not the main foundation of my art. I work together with communities in need, shelters for street people, non-profit projects and movements. With what I am doing, I believe art is an instrument of transition.

"We work basically with recyclable materials, preserving nature, mobilizing everyone to an exercise in environmental preservation. And, as in my past, I am picking the fruits of a seed planted 31 years ago: the seed of the art."

Francis Oliveira does her craft in Brazil.
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