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HER Design

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Helen E. Riegle
The design and business goals of HER Design are one: to drive trends and create meaningful change in our world.
Their commitment extends beyond making stylish and sustainable handbags. They also lead workshops that showcase the benefits of cleaner, greener living, and pledge 2% of gross sales to youth and environmental causes across the globe.
Helen E. RiegleHER Design grew from designer and founder Helen E Riegle’s strong creative vision and sense of fair play. Through inspired design and careful consideration of both processes and materials, they produce unique, contemporary handbags and laptop bags consumers can feel good about carrying.
A few years ago, they began asking the question: “Can a handbag save the world?” We weren’t just trying to be provocative. Rather, our rationale was and remains today that as consumers reflect on what makes our high-style, responsibly made handbags different to conventional ones – the same kind of reflection they’re doing in larger and larger numbers at the whole foods market and “body and soul” store – the handbag becomes the gateway for more meaningful change.
HER Design has a penchant for innovation. They love using novel materials and have most recently incorporated into their designs both Cradle to Cradle certified wool flannel and EcoSpun, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. They have also featured Treetap® “wild rubber,” a sustainably-made, fair-trade product from the Amazon, as a leather substitute.
The effects of human activities know no geographic boundaries. The natural resources we consume come from all over, and the pollution we generate circulates with the wind and water. For this reason, HER Design seeks to support causes on all seven continents in the areas of environmental protection and awareness, animal cruelty, and children.

In addition to contributing numerous bags to fundraising events across the country, they commit two percent of all gross sales to these causes. Among the organizations they have supported are local activists (e.g., HealthLink), groups with national influence (e.g., Sierra Club), and global relief organizations (e.g., UNICEF).

In 2007, HER Design will begin to link the sales of selected styles to specific causes, including global warming, biodiversity, environmental health, and education.
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HER Design is situated in Marblehead, MA , USA.
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