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my biotiful bag

Posted by Marisa Ramondo on

my biotiful bag – Making a difference.
It’s not about the bag.
my biotiful bag was born from a vision to create fashion forward eco bags without harming the environment. A unique promise to raise awareness for the importance of organic farming and its impact on the planet.
Dedicated to fashion, acutely green conscious and highly motivated, it’s two founders, combining marketing expertise with 25 years of handbag and accessories production, set about creating a line of sustainable “bio” bags for the sophisticated eco-conscious shopper.
Designed between Paris and Miami, one global concern unites the team: Making green the new standard.
my biotiful bag is crafted with GOTS-certified organic cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard). All materials used are as natural as possible, recycled, or biodegradable, and dyes are AZOfree.
my biotiful bag strives to make the environment a cleaner and safer place for all, by promoting and supporting organic farming and thereby ensuring safety conditions for those working in the cotton industry and surrounding communities. Thousands of people are affected each day by the toxic pesticides used in conventional cotton farming that damage the quality of the soil, air and water. By supporting organic cotton, My biotiful bag takes a small step to raising awareness.
The result is a versatile collection of trendy styles and shapes of bags that are taking the world by storm and have already been spotted on celebrities in NY and LA.
my biotiful bag is a fashion statement for the environment; stylish and affordable, it’s a simple way to make a difference.”
(Ragnhild Greve-Isdahl, CEO my biotiful bag US)


My biotiful bag is designed between Paris and Miami.
Click here to view and purchase the collection available on Eco-Handbags.ca

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