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What to do with old sailboat sails?
Rescue them from the landfill and make totes out of them! Durable and unique, each tote is made from recycled sailboat ail or reclaimed sail material. Another life for a sail. Another chance. A 'do over'.

Katherine Rasmussen, the founder of Reiter8, received her Masters degree in Communication Design from the Pratt Institute in New York. She later polished her sewing and tailoring skills at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Eventually, graphics and sewing collided and in 2005 when she founded Reiter8 (re-it-er-ate).

Concern for the environment lead her to focus on creating products that reused materials in an unexpected way. Sailboat sails as a material resource came to her attention when she was vacationing on the Maine coast. Reiter8's goal is to offer products that have low environmental impact without compromising style.

Simple, clean, bold graphics and recycled sailboat sails are united to create handmade products that are one-of-a-kind and kind to the environment. Reiter8 bags are modern, sporty, fun, functional, eye catching and extremely durable.

Working with recycled sails is exhilarating. Each sail has a different ‘hand’ - texture, density, and crispness – a testament to its history. I have yet to come across two sails that are exactly alike which that keeps my work fresh and Reiter8 products truly unique.” - Katherine Rasmussen


Reiter8 is situated in Brooklyn, New York, USA.
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