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Golden Grass Handbag, Silo


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Golden grass (Capim Dourado) is a plant that grows in the Amazon region of Brazil - a place called Jalapão, and is harvested only once a year from July to October. It has a natural gold colour that is impressive - it is unique, handmade and exotic.

Artisan women from the Mumbuca Community weave the fibres with 
buriti palm strips that are painted in vivid colours, embroidered and transformed into handbags that are only available from Brazil.

This golden grass bag is woven entirely by hand in Brazil and is made from all organic materials.

Measurements: 7.5" wide by 9" high by 3" depth (19 cm x 32 cm x 7 cm) 
Collection: Capim Dourado
Made in: Brazil
Designer: Adornatta

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