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Messenger Bag made from recycled bicycle inner tubes (options)

Flat Bags

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These unique messenger bags are made from recycled bicycle inner tubes and reclaimed vinyl fabrics.

Perfect for everyday use…for business, the gym or beach, school or shopping even disguises as a diaper bag. Fits most laptops (extra padding still recommended).

Part of the Flat Bags Wildlife Foundation collection, these bags feature wildlife sketch by Shannon Hames, the founder of Flat Bags, of species at risk, threatened or endangered in Canada.

Choice of 3 Wildlife sketches:

  1. Grizzly Bear: Two mirrored Grizzly Bear image inspired by the wonderful grandness of this bear species.
  2. Three Caribou: This Three Caribou image is inspired by the current plight of the species in Southern BC Interior.
  3. Solo Caribou: A Solo Caribou image hopes to promoting awareness of the struggles this species has due to human and environmental impacts.

Note: A portion of this purchase goes to Wildsight,  a non-profit organization working towards education, preservation and rehabilitation.


  • two inside pockets
  • one outside back pocket
  • front flap with magnetic closures
  • adjustable 2"- wide shoulder strap
  • shoulder pad for comfort

Measurements: 14 x 12 x 3 inches (35.56 cm x 30.48 cm x 7.62 cm) 
Collection: Flat Bags Wildlife Foundation Bags
Designer: Flat Bags
Made in: Canada

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