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CredoBags is an eco-conscious company headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Their goal is to inspire people to make small, simple changes in their everyday habits; changes that collectively and cumulatively help our environment.

They believe that an easy first step is to adopt a “bag strategy”: routinely carry a reusable bag or two with you, rather than use plastic or paper bags provided by retailers.

To promote this shift in habit, the founder and president, Judy Lazar, tapped into her 20 years of apparel manufacturing experience to fulfill a vision that would embody her credo. She designed a stylish line of high-quality, reusable bags that conveniently stash in a purse, pocket , glove compartment or trunk until you need them.

The line includes the first North American-made reusable mesh produce bag. This innovation provides a long overdue eco-wise alternative to those tear-off-the-roll plastic film bags that grocery stores and farmers’ markets provide for bagging fruits and vegetables.

At CredoBags, they actively seek out the latest sustainable materials – such as organic cotton, hemp and bamboo – so that they can continue to improve their bags, and keep improving them, until they leave the smallest possible “carbon footprint”.

And their commitment to doing what’s right doesn’t end there.

They are dedicated to being socially responsible in all aspects of their business. They support the domestic economy by manufacturing their bags in Canada. In conjunction with textile factories, they develop the fabrics with which those bags are made. This enables them to monitor labour conditions, the environmental impact of production, and the authenticity of raw materials. They do everything they can to ensure that the bags meet the highest ethical and quality standards.

CredoBags is situated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
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