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The beginning of Demano

By chance, we find a banner in the streets of Barcelona. We can see the material is waterproof, resistant and flexible. Here comes
the idea… why don´t we recycle it and turn it into a bag? It is the beginning of Demano.

Can we help change the world through design?
Demano is.

Demano is helping to change the world through design by creating fashion using recycled plastic and fabric materials. By doing this, Demano is able to save
thousands of these materials from being added to the millions of tons of waste already deposited into our earth each year.

Demano’s mission is to create a project and not just a product, and to remain focused on combining environmental awareness with design.
By working in this way, each Demano bag becomes a limited edition since no two pieces of their recycled fabric or plastic are alike.
Demano is currently available across Europe and Japan, and has been featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago .

By purchasing Demano, you become part of a worldwide project that inspires consumers across the globe to see how design can create trends- in not just
style but in our environmental awareness as well.

Demano is situated in Barcelona, Spain.
Click here to purchase handbags from Demano, available on Eco-Handbags.ca

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