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Denise Pahlke

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Denise Pahlke handbags are made by de-constructing existing garments, recycling and redesign them into beautiful one of a kind handbags that are eco-friendly and fashionable. Fabrics used are wool blankets, skirts, pants, suits, coats, slipcovers, upholstery remnants men’s ties and belts just to name a few.

Denise is the designer and creator behind the bags. Denise’s love of textiles and the creativity it allowed began in high school. Once she started there was no looking back. Denise began to create and design clothing for family and friends using both sewing and knitting as her mediums. Later that year Denise’s 57 year old Father suffered a major stroke leaving him in a coma for weeks. The following September, Denise was accepted to Humber College in Toronto, to study Fashion Merchandising Management. After the first year, she left work as a model, giving her valuable insight into the other side of the fashion industry.

A few years passed and Denise decided to return to school. Denise began studies that September at Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology to study Interior Design. This was where she needed to be, closer to her father who had survived the stroke and was doing amazingly well. After graduation she was given a gift by her soon to be in laws that changed everything! It was her first sewing machine of her own, which has been very well used and has been kept for her teenage daughter, so she too can begin her creative journey.

After graduation Denise and her husband ran his families casual fine dining restaurant in Muskoka. They would stay there for 12 years and two children, before deciding to move on. After having their son in 1998 and relocating to a new town, sewing would become more than just a hobby. After the move Denise entered the workforce beginning her design career, focusing her skills on custom kitchens and baths, helping clients create their dream homes.

As the years passed sewing and recycling would come together to become a mission, or as friends would say an obsession. Denise began to look for ways to utilize everyday things to avoid creating waste, whether it is clothing that no longer fit, blankets no longer needed, towels, or scrap fabric. If she could sew it, then she was creating something new and beautiful with it.

A year ago, Denise decided that her favourite fashion accessory would become her way of making that difference. Denise designed and constructed beautiful, colourful one of a kind handbags that allowed women to make a difference to the environment and look fabulous doing it! After relocating her family to beautiful Wasaga Beach on the shores of Georgian Bay, she decided to make her handbags her business. Encouraged by close friends and her husband and children, she created Denise Pahlke.com. The website enabled her to make her hand crafted one of kind bags affordable and accessible to women everywhere. Designed and crafted to utilize every scrap of fabric possible ensuring that waist is something of the past for future generations to come.

Denise Pahlke is situated in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada.
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