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Echoes in the Attic

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Echoes in the Attic
– One of a kind creations for earth’s sake

In an effort to be good stewards of the resources the good earth provides and to influence society’s thinking that you can make a difference with the choices you make our company Echoes in the Attic, was born. They are two women, both mom’s, both conquering major life changing crisis and wanting to re-invent their lives to fit in this 21st century. They desire to be the centre of their homes for their families and still stretch their parameters outside their families by way of their commitment to our company.

Their commitment is to create beautiful purses, bags, home accessories & jewelry from recycled, vintage, retro, hemp and remnant materials.

Their backgrounds in advertising, marketing, interior design, photography & fashion merchandising and retail are serving them well as they eke out their place making one of a kind creations for earth’s sake. Their sentimental souls drive their creativity in choosing materials that conjure memories of childhood like mom’s favourite chenille housecoat, the barkcloth curtains at the cottage, a tablecloth you could swear was under your 6th birthday cake, a dress bought two sizes too big cause “you’ll grown into it”, all those neat buttons in an old cookie tin, Grampa’s favourite plaid shirt…

Because every bag they make is different from the next it’s important that if you see it and love it, buy it. You won’t find it again.

One of a kind purses made from recycled, designer sample remnants, vintage & retro fabrics.
Remember, one lady's trash is another lady's purse.

Echoes in the Attic is situated in Ontario, Canada
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