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Eco-Handbags.ca was featured on the Fortune-Hunters television show

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As people all over the world use the Internet more and more -- the opportunities
for E-Business are huge, and we've scoured the country for fortune hunters.

In Montreal - we found Marisa Ramondo and eco-handbags.ca, an online retail
outlet that sells purses and bags made of recycled materials.

In Vancouver, David Verlee and his partners are selling socks via the Internet.
It's like a magazine subscription - a new pair arrives every month.

And in Toronto, we're zeroing on Ali and Alex de Bold, the fortune hunters in
the hottest part of the this trend, social networking. Their site, ChickAdvisor,
is for chicks who like to shop.

And look to our Hit or Miss page for the global take on this week’s trend.
FORTUNE HUNTERS is Canada’s only business show on the trail of hot trends.

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