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PRESS RELEASE: A Unique On-Line Shopping Mall -- Eco-Handbags.ca -- Debuts in Canada

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A Unique On-Line Shopping Mall -- Eco-Handbags.ca -- Debuts in Canada

Eco-Handbags.ca is all about helping the environment one handbag at a time. It's about accessorizing with humanity, ingenuity and flair. It's a vibrant testimony to the possibility of reducing, recycling and re-using the unwanted products of this Earth.

Montreal, Quebec (PRWeb) December 6, 2006 -- Against the backdrop of today's super-sized environmental challenges, the launch of an on-line shopping mall for eco-friendly handbags may seem like a mere drop in the bucket.

But the solution offered by Eco-Handbags.ca- the brainchild of Marisa Ramondo, Montreal-based web developer and founder of Alexram Internet Services-  although small, ties together key ecological and social concerns of our technologically oriented 21st century. And it does so with flair.

As Ms. Ramondo says of the new eco-fashion site: "We may just be selling handbags, but it's something concrete we can do for the environment. It's a way of offering consumers a choice of fashionable, ecological products- of allowing them to become more conscious of what they're buying, of where their products come from. Of course, we're also offering people an opportunity to help better the lives of some incredibly talented designers."

To fashion Eco-Handbags.ca into this unique one-stop site for today's busy shoppers, Ms. Ramondo culled the world's sites for eco-chic handbags. She found superbly talented designers in all corners of the world - from Bali, Brazil, China, Mexico and the Philippines, to the United States and Canada. Usually women, the designers create independently or in co-ops, more often than not the sole support of their families.

The online showcase with its rainbow of handcrafted eco-handbags, all concocted from a tantalizing diversity of waste materials fairly bristles with originality. Think candy wrappers, chopsticks, sailboat sails, bicycle inner tubes, juice boxes, plastic bottles, magazines, record albums, and vinyl billboards…all lovingly refashioned into original eco-bags.

Handbags, clutch purses, cell phone cases, tote bags the site offers a cornucopia of bags for every budget, age and mood. Zany one-offs, classics with a twist, metallic pop-art confections, beaded slivers of colour… each handbag glows as an eye-catching fashion statement. Each handbag sparkles with the dreams and aspirations of its talented designer. And each handbag has its story.

Eco-Handbags.ca is particularly proud to be associated with 1% for the Planet, an alliance of businesses committed to protecting the natural environment and maintaining a healthier planet. As a sign of its ongoing commitment, Eco-Handbags.ca will each year donate at least 1% of its annual net revenues to environmental organizations worldwide yet another concrete way of aiding the planet.

Contact Information: Marisa Ramondo Local: (514) 221-3696 Toll-free: 1 (888) 223-4018 Website: http://www.eco-handbags.ca

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