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I started designing my own jewellery and handbags after looking at women everywhere wearing mass-produced items found at every store. Even as a young child I refused to wear what all the other girls were wearing. It was hard for me to go to a private grade school having to wear forest green and gold plaid uniforms just like every other girl in the school.

Wanting to be different but not get in trouble, I started a trend wearing extremely wild knee socks with my skirt and shoes with a heel. There was nothing in the dress code about socks and shoes! I soon had all the girls in school asking their mothers for the same things. Of course, looking back, I looked ridiculous but I couldn’t stand looking like a clone.

I have always had a sense of what was to come in fashion and as soon as it hits mass markets where everyone has one, I am on to the next "trend-to-be". Helping me strive to be unique was a wonderful Mother who always wanted to be a fashion designer but had six children instead! She always fostered my creativity as a child by sewing me outfits with any wacky design or fabric I wanted.

When I first started dmarcel (my first initial and my middle name comprised of the first three letters of each Grandmother/’s name – Mary and Celina) I was approached by a buyer of a major upscale national retailer who, after seeing the quality of my cigar box bags, wanted to place an extremely large order. At that point, with one of the most respected retailers in the business interested in me, I knew I was onto something.

Though I have moved on from cigar box handbags, whatever I design and wear out, I have men and women asking me about my accessories and where they can find them. dmarcel has become recognized for its fashion forward designs. I like my accessories to make someone feel special and make you smile when you see them.

dmarcel items are mostly one-of-a-kind, made with recycled materials, when possible, and made with the utmost care and attention to detail. My items are sold to individuals and retailers nationwide and in Europe.

dmarcel is situated in Duluth, Georgia , USA.
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