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Flat Bags

In Shannon Hames' basement, avid mountain biker for years and founder of Flat Bags, one could always find piles of inner tubes.
So in 1996 the first inner tube was cut, instead of patched… and with some old rain pants for material, she made the first Flat Bag.

The bags are made out of vintage vinyl from the 50’s as well as used bicycle inner tubes to form the sides and bottom, which allows for the bag to expand when stuffed with all of your necessities. It’s a simple design (square bag with a courier strap) in four different sizes and an array of colors. Just where would Shannon find so many used bike tires? She thanks the local cyclists as well as bike stores that continue to donate.

Flat Bags can be found all over the world…usually near someone who feels it is important to recycle.

Flat Bags is happy to claim responsibility for having reused over 13,800 ft of inner tubes!

Flat Bags is situated in British Columbia, Canada.
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