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SwamiszAn Australian Company, made in India, SWAMISZ are set to take the fashion footwear industry by storm. Design doesn’t come any fresher. From the classically beautiful sole shape to the liquorice support strap and the Yogi-inspired toe plug, SWAMISZ boldly redefine flip-flop style without the flip or flop! That’s right, SWAMISZ don’t flip-flop and yet you still get the exposed feet freedom that you love. SWAMISZ unique toe plug and support strap allow you to walk relaxed and flip flop free, without needing to hold on.Swamisz
SWAMISZ, are modelled on ancient wooden Indian Yoga shoes called Paduka. Dating back over 5000 years, Paduka are one of the earliest forms of footwear invented and are said be worn by the Gods. Paduka are the ceremonial footwear of choice for India’s holy Yoga teachers or Swamis; respected, enlightened masters of self-realisation, hence the origin of the SWAMISZ brand. While the original Paduka were worn for spiritual, yogic and ceremonial reasons, SWAMISZ are stylish, comfortable and made for regular wear, yet still featuring the original shoes' distinctive shape and yoga toe plug. You could say they are a timeless design classic.
You see, most Swamis walk barefoot most of the time. They often walk hundreds of miles on pilgrimage. Naturally, feet get sore with this much walking. Some Swamis found out about SWAMISZ. Proud to have contemporary footwear that honors their heritage, they got in touch and asked if they could have some specially made in orange to match their robes. Many Swamis now walk a little easier in their SWAMISZ. They say wearing SWAMISZ is as close to walking barefoot as you can get.
The designers, Claire Field and Phill Roach “…were completely inspired by the Paduka and the incredible sense of freedom that it offered. You don’t have to be a Swami to enjoy SWAMISZ, if you love design, comfort and style, then SWAMISZ are for you.”
On creative journeys throughout India, Claire and Phill encountered locals wearing an early prototype of SWAMISZ. Trying the shoes for themselves on their monsoon travels, they were compelled to meet with the footwear company who pioneered this amazing, unique flip-flop. “We were pretty excited by the story, the style, the comfort. These brothers who now manufacture SWAMISZ remembered their Grandfather wearing Paduka for health and vitality when they were young. The toe plug stimulates a pressure point between the toes, which is said to relieve fatigue and enhance concentration. Their idea was to translate the unique Paduka style with all its Yoga benefits into an everyday shoe for everyone”. That’s where Phill and Claire “stepped up” to collaborate. Forming a unique global partnership and bringing their enthusiasm, marketing and design skills the pair took the concept to another level. “We really wanted to emphasise the understated elegance of the original Paduka in the rubber shoes as well as communicate the inspiring legacy of the design along with the environmental benefits. We also refined the shoes’ comfort and style elements so people from all over the world would connect powerfully to SWAMISZ”.
There are two types of rubber, natural and synthetic. SWAMISZ are made from natural rubber. This means that SWAMISZ are produced from the sap from rubber trees. To make more natural rubber your need to plants more trees, which is always a good thing as trees absorb atmospheric CO2. This helps offset CO2 released during the production process.
Synthetic rubber, on the other hand, is a petrochemical product. The manufacture of synthetic rubber depletes dwindling oil reserves and releases a lot of CO2, contributing to global warming.
SWAMISZ are produced using very high-grade natural rubber. This ensures that SWAMISZ footwear is durable and long lasting, experiencing no perishing or wearing of the sole around the plugs. The off-cuts are shaved down and recycled to make lower grade natural rubber products such as lower grade flip-flops and rubber bands. To make the rubber soft, pliable and comfortable a blowing agent is added. The blowing agent is what gives SWAMISZ their characteristic smell. SWAMISZ are also impregnated with lemongrass oil. This smell dissipates quickly as you wear your SWAMISZ in.
SWAMISZ are packaged in reusable cotton stencilled tote bags to eliminate throwaway packaging. SWAMISZ swing tags are 100% recycled content cardboard.
Rubber trees only grow in humid and moist climates. SWAMISZ rubber is sustainably farmed in Southern India where the conditions are fabulous for growing high quality rubber. Our Manufacturing Partners, who grow the rubber for SWAMISZ and collaborate in the design process, are a family business and have skilfully farmed the rubber and produced footwear for three generations.
SWAMISZ are manufactured with ethical workplace practices. Staff wages are 30%+ above minimum wage. The workers are paid overtime and receive no-interest loans from their employers so they can afford some of life’s bigger expenses such as weddings, motorbikes, housing etc. Job satisfaction and security is very good. Many staff have worked in the company their for their whole working lives and now their adult children work in the company too.
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