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1 Bag at a time - Reusable Grocery Bag

1 bag at a time

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These reusable grocery bags are carefully chosen to offer you the best features available in a reusable bag.

Each bag holds the equivalent load of 3-4 plastic bags or 2 paper bags.
4 or 5 of our bags will hold the contents of a completely filled grocery cart.
The 12" x 8" gusset protects groceries and is easily removed for a quick wipe down.
All bags are machine washable in cold water (line dry). No shrinkage! No fading!
The handles are long enough to hang on your shoulder but short enough to swing at your sides.
Bags stand up straight on their own for loading or unloading. They fold neatly for storage.
Colourful and beneficial to the environment, reusable bags can help our planet regain its health.

Made from 100% polypropylene (PP* or plastic #5), these bags use the petroleum resources of 11 plastic grocery bags, but are designed to replace hundreds of bags. Each bag can replace 3-4 plastic bags each time it is used. Used once a week for 2 years, it will keep 416 bags out of landfills, enough to drive a car almost 30 miles.
*PP is recyclable, non-toxic, allergy free, and non-reactive to human skin. It is often used for food containers, toothbrushes, and surgical fabrics.

Measurements: 14" x 12" x 8" (36 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm)
Collection: Polypropylene
Designer: Lisa Foster
Made in: Fair trade in China *

*Their factory is closely monitored for human rights and labor rights by the non-profit organization Verite, whose work in this field is award winning and recognized world wide. You can find out more about Verité at www.verite.org .

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