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Bread Wrap

Mind Your Bees

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Large 22 x 18 (56 cm x 46 cm) beeswax food wrap perfect or wrapping fresh bread. The beeswax food wrap not only reduces waste but also preserves the integrity of your fresh bread keeping the crust and crumb ideal. Unwrap day 2, day 3 and still enjoy that fresh bread chew. Bring it right to the table in your Mind Your Bees wrap.

MYB food Wraps eliminate the need for plastic snack bags, wrap and foils while dramatically extending the life span and freshness of foods. You can now reduce waste of food and plastic with MYB beeswax food wraps. The wraps last up to a year with regular use and 6 months with heavy use.

They are the new kitchen essential!

MYB food wraps are made in Hamilton, Ontario with local sustainable-sourced beeswax, premium cotton, organic jojoba oil and pine resin.

Cleaning is just as simple. 
Rinse in cool water.
If it needs a little more cleaning simply use a natural soap with cool water and air dry in dish rack just as you would a plate.
Now it's ready to go again.  


Made in Canada

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