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Chopstick Basket - Medium

Kwytza Kraft

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The medium basket will hold six or seven good size apples and oranges. It is perfect for a bunch of bananas as well.
Made from discarded bamboo chopsticks, it is strong so you can pile in as much fruit as you would like.
Also, because of the good air flow it will keep fruits and vegetables fresh.
It can be washed with soap and water if needed. You will love this basket.

A unique process for reclaiming and thoroughly sanitizing chopsticks is used before any product is developed. It is important for everybody to do what they can to help our suffering planet. Recycling and buying recycled products is a good start. 
These products are made from some of the billions of single use chopsticks that are discarded every year.

Using discarded disposable chopsticks is just one example of making recycled products from a resource that would otherwise be wasted. 

Measurements: 12" x 10" x 4" (30 cm x 25 cm x 10 cm)
Designer: Kwytza Kraft
Made in:
 United States


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