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Purse Hooks - Foldable Collection


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Made from 100% recycled materials (metal and rubber)

Foldable hook, making it easy to carry around in a small purse. 
They each come with their own velvet gift box.

No need to leave your handbag lying on the floor any longer!

Did you know that a disgusting amount of bacteria is nesting underneath your handbags?

Put en end to leaving your handbag on the floor and hang it on our purse hooks! 
Our purse hooks have been inspired by chic European designs in order to enhance your already existing diva look.

You just need to put the rubber part of the hanger on top of the table and hang your purse on the hook. Let nature take its course with gravity.

The rubber part underneath the decorated area stops the hanger from sliding and therefore keeps it in place. The weight of the handbag gives extra friction to the hanger and therefore everything stays in place.

The rubber area makes it easier for the purse hanger to grip onto different types of surfaces such as linen cloths, ceramic, marble, glass and wood table tops.

Each purse hanger weights around 40g.
All our purse hangers can hold up to 10 kg in weight.
Each purse hanger measures 11 cm in length and 5 cm in width. The decorated part of it pivots on itself which makes it easier to store in the velvet pouch as well as in your purse.


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